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Atlanta Employment Law Attorney / Atlanta Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Attorney

Atlanta Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Attorney

Nursing home abuse and neglect happen much more frequently than most of us realize. We expect the doctors, nurses, and other staff in nursing homes to not just provide the much needed medical care that our older loved ones require, but the care and human touch that are just as vital. Sadly, nursing homes are businesses staffed with flawed people, just like any other. Atlanta nursing home abuse and neglect attorney Christine Forsythe at The Forsythe Law Firm, LLC handles cases of abuse and neglect, helping families receive justice in cases where their loved ones have been mistreated. By working with an attorney, you not only ensure that the abuse or neglect ends, but that your loved one is fairly compensated for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other damages.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse has many forms. Regardless of the type of nursing home abuse, be it financial or physical, studies have shown that it not only drastically reduces quality of life, but it also shortens the life expectancy of the victim. Examples of four types of abuse are as follows:

  • Physical abuse—Hitting, shoving, slapping, pinching, punching, kicking, or unnecessary use of restraints.
  • Emotional abuse—Yelling, intimidation, coercion, teasing, mocking, making fun of, keeping the resident in isolation, or withholding food or water to “teach them a lesson.”
  • Financial abuse—Stealing from the resident in any form, be it credit cards, cash, or overcharging for services.
  • Sexual abuse—Any sexual touching, groping, intercourse, showing of pornography, taking pornographic pictures, or other sexual acts.

Nursing Home Neglect

Neglect is another form of nursing home abuse that often has serious health consequences for nursing home residents. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are exorbitantly expensive because of the high level of care they are supposed to provide, which can include helping residents get up to use the toilet, assisting them in and out of bed or chairs, frequent vital checks, assistance with feeding and dressing, moving bedridden patients to avoid bedsores, and much more. Depending on the residents condition, they may require around the clock monitoring, and failure to do so can result in falls, medication errors, bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, serious injury, or death. While nursing home neglect may not be a form of intentional malice, it can have the same outcome as abuse.

Call an Atlanta Slip and Fall Attorney Today

Common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect include sudden change in weight, unexplained injuries, a decline in physical health, depression or anxiety, bedsores, and fear of staff members. If you have a loved one receiving care in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it is up to you to notice signs of abuse and neglect. Most nursing home residents are unable to speak up for themselves when they have been mistreated by nursing home staff. If you suspect your loved one is being abused or neglected, reach out to Atlanta nursing home abuse and neglect attorney Christine Forsythe at The Forsythe Law Firm, LLC today at 404.476.2717 to schedule a free consultation.

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