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Atlanta Employment Law Attorney / Atlanta Slip & Fall Attorney

Atlanta Slip & Fall Attorney

Slip and falls can result in fractured bones, torn tendons, sprains that last for months on end, serious brain injuries, and more. Property owners have a duty of care to everyone legally on their property, whether they are a homeowner, business owner, or public institution. If you slipped and fell as a result of a dangerous walking surface, you are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages due to temporary or permanent disability, pain and suffering, and more. To learn more about your rights as a slip and fall victim, Christine Forsythe at The Forsythe Law Firm, LLC is here to help. She worked for one of the largest insurance companies for more than a decade, giving her insider knowledge of the other side’s tactics.

Elements of a Successful Slip and Fall Claim

Not every time someone falls and gets injured is a worthy slip and fall claim. In order to stand a chance at successfully recovering your damages, you must be able to prove all of the following:

  • A hazard existed
  • The property or business owner knew about the hazard
  • The property or business owner was negligent in resolving the hazard
  • The hazard caused you to slip or fall
  • You were injured as a result

When it comes to the property owner having knowledge of the hazard, knowledge can come in either actual knowledge or constructive knowledge. Examples of the two are as follows:

  • Actual knowledge—A property owner knew about a damaged stair step first-hand.
  • Constructive knowledge—The property should have known about the damaged stair step, and the only reason they did not know about it was because they failed to demonstrate a reasonable level of diligence in upkeeping their property.

How the Other Party Will Attempt to Devalue Your Claim

Just because the property owner was at fault does not mean they and their insurance company won’t put up a fight when it comes to paying for your damages. Issues that can throw a wrench in your personal injury claim or lawsuit include the following excuses or outright lies created by the at fault party:

  • You fell simply due to lack of balance or poor eyesight
  • You were intoxicated
  • You were running or rushing in an unsafe manner
  • Your footwear was damaged or insufficient
  • You were distracted, such as walking while looking at your phone
  • Another party was to blame, such as another customer
  • There was not sufficient time to address the hazard. For example, someone spilled a drink and you slipped in the puddle just moments afterward.
  • You are exaggerating the degree of your injuries and damages
  • Your injuries were merely pre-existing, and not caused by the fall

When it comes to slip and fall claims, the only way that you stand a chance at being fairly compensated is by working with an attorney. An attorney will gather evidence, compile medical documents, pour through insurance policies, track down eye witnesses and video footage, negotiate a settlement, file a lawsuit if necessary, and do everything in their power to ensure your best interests are met.

Call an Atlanta Slip and Fall Attorney Today

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, we implore you to consider taking legal action. You should not have to pay for your medical expenses and other damages. Call Atlanta slip and fall attorney Christine Forsythe at The Forsythe Law Firm, LLC. today at 404.476.2717 to schedule a free consultation.

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