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Atlanta Employment Law Attorney / Blog / Rideshare Accident / 4 Facts to Know About Rideshare Accidents in Georgia

4 Facts to Know About Rideshare Accidents in Georgia


Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing services are a familiar sight on the streets of Atlanta, and it is not surprising that many people use them because of the affordable cost and convenience. Statistics indicate that 36 percent of Americans have logged onto ridesharing apps to arrange transportation, which is more than twice the number from 2015. Around 26 percent of Uber and Lyft riders take advantage of the services at least monthly, and some even more frequently. As of 2022, the global ridesharing market was valued at $95 billion and is only expected to grow.

With this increase of drivers on the road looking to earn through Uber and Lyft comes a rise in rideshare accidents. Plus, these drivers are often transporting passengers in unfamiliar places, and they are constantly interacting with the ridesharing app. Fortunately, you do have rights under Georgia law. An Atlanta rideshare accidents lawyer can explain the legal concepts, but there are some helpful points to know.

  1. You may be involved in various ways. When Uber or Lyft collisions come to mind, you often think of how the crash impacts the victim who is a ridesharing passenger. It is true that the users can be seriously injured in accidents, but there are other ways you might be involved in a ridesharing crash:
  • You were the driver of another car that was struck by the Uber.
  • You were a pedestrian or riding your bicycle.
  • You were the passenger in a vehicle struck by the ridesharing driver.
  1. Insurance covers ridesharing accidents. All motorists in Georgia must have proper auto insurance coverage, but Uber and Lyft drivers do not rely on their own policies if a crash happens. Instead, the ridesharing services typically carry up to $1 million in liability coverage to pay for the losses of accident victims.
  1. There are certain periods for insurance coverage. The $1 million in liability coverage does not cover all situations, since Uber and Lyft drivers use their vehicles for personal reasons. There are designated periods where the ridesharing insurance policy kicks in:
  • The driver has arranged a ride and is on the way to pick up.
  • The ridesharing driver is “deadheading,” i.e., logged into the app and cruising Atlanta streets for customers.
  • The driver has a passenger in the vehicle and is traveling to the destination. 
  1. The legal process starts by filing a claim. Because these crashes are covered by insurance, your first step is filing a claim with the ridesharing service. Many claims settle out of court, but you must file a lawsuit if the company will not agree to a fair amount.

Set up a Consultation with a Georgia Rideshare Accidents Attorney

If you were injured in an Uber or Lyft crash, you need legal help navigating the complicated claims process. The Forsythe Law Firm, LLC will fight to ensure you receive fair compensation for your losses, whether in settlement negotiations or in court. Please contact our Atlanta, GA offices at 404-476-2717 or go online to schedule a free consultation.



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